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Samp Utensili
Via Stalingrado 57/59
CAP 40128 – District San Donato, Bologna It.
Featuring Ass Cultural Plans

Planimetrie Culturali has as main objective the redevelopment of abandoned sites in Bologna through the temporary “cultural reclamation”.
The city is full of abandoned settlements of industrial origin, where in many cases can be found degradation and security issues.
Some of these sites were created in the suburbs but today after the fast architectural development are a part of neighborhoods not so far from the center. These non-places in our project should be walkable and felt as safe and livable by citizens. Structures in a state of waste waiting to find meaning and to be used according to their functional characteristics.
The period that interests Planimetrie Culturali is that period of time that passes between the area becoming obsolete and when instead we kick off the work for its real destination (conversion, dismantling, processing, etc).
Planimetrie Culturali plans is itinerant by definition and it is for this reason that during the first experience of “cultural reclamation” which took place on New Years Eve of 2004 in Via Santa Caterina di Quarto, after 10 months of hard work and excellent results, as soon as the property has required area, the project has moved, giving back the former slaughterhouse area to COGEI and City Hall.
The “cultural reclamation” is a new way to move through these spaces with productions and allaround cultural events. Of course, any remediation is different for each area and for each building, in accordance with the geographical position that these spaces have in the city, the structural peculiarities and potentials that each place expresses.

General objectives:

  1. Activate the cultural reclamation of the former Samp utensili of Bologna through cultural and artistic interventions proposed and / or produced by the associations of the city circuit, setting in motion a mechanism for the conversion of the area that returns it to the urban fabric and its inhabitants as a temporary space for cultural production.
  2. Develope a creative factory, but also a meeting place for research: a laboratory is always open: a model of cultural intervention in the city, which reuses temporarily empty buildings that have outlived their original function.
  3. Disclosing a format of self-management: by and in collaboration with the public sector, in particular the offices of Culture and Urban areas.
  4. Stem the lack of spaces satisfying the high demand of Bologna associations by sharing reclaimed spaces and at the same time give them a new way of culture without waste and without funding (budget to 0).
  5. Create addresses and jobs in the field of cultural operators.
  6. Provide a security service to the city guarding abandoned spaces, avoiding inconvenience and petty crime.

Specific objectives:

  • Daytime Information Desk: reception and information about the projects and cultural activities of the city
  • Association Fuoricampo, ref Luki Massa. Information and assistance to strong female issues but open to the whole city. Lesbian International Film Festival, presents films from all over the world: fiction, documentary, experimental and animation video giving a broad and stimulating lesbian themed production in the world and its diversity. There are debates and meetings on the topic of independent cinema with directors, festival directors and experts in the field.
  • Music Hall: space used and set up specifically for the production of concerts available through
    neighborhood associations and calendar Plaq.
  • Daytime Refreshment Point: sole source of income for the Association Plaq, will serve as a catering service for visitors to the cultural site. A social bar where they could talk, meet new people, new ideas, new incentives to develop participatory cultural routes.
  • Visual Arts Area: Contact Massimiliano Landuzzi (in arte Rusty), Associazione Interculturale Tinte Forti. A place where to design, to produce and at the same time large enough to accommodate any artistic representations. A space that allows to create freely and to exhibit works. Silkscreen and
    Aerosol Art
  • Laboratory audio: a space dedicated to the development of courses for the study and development of various professional sound engineers (studio sound engineer, sound engineer live-hall and stage)
  • Laboratory of graphic arts space and a professional graphic designer available for courses and workshops aimed at a young audience for a new line of work.
  • Chill Out: multipurpose room for debates, lectures and workshops available to citizens and associations.
  • Scenic Laboratory and applied arts: a space where you can design and run workshops about scenographic techniques and visual arts.
  • The theater space for theatrical activities. In this space, we expect a permanent theater where all the companies in the area will try to stage their shows. It will be able to host exhibitions of invited outside companies and provide training areas.
  • Hostel for artists: Multiple housing to accommodate all the artists passing through our city, creating a meeting point and artistic exchange. Ref Association Plaq
  • Pit Stop for students: Multiple accommodation available weekly for students seeking university courses and / or accommodation in the city. Alessandro Baschieri founded the ‘Association Use-It Bologna and continues its journey that began in the laboratories of Scalo San Donato with the production of “Free Map for Young Travelers Made by Local”.
  • Mini 9 meters wide ramp, Park for Inline skate, BMX, Skateboard, Parkour Area, and Free Body Art in collaboration with Pinco Srl, supported by the center of São Salomão capoeira, the ASD Eden Parkour, the Sports Association Frontside. Specialty courses and discipline open to all and street sports laboratory.
  • Work Shop Architecture: In cooperation with the firm Miro architects, supporters Plaq, internal workshops for ecological and sustainable architecture.
  • Laboratories Voice (singing school): THE VOICES FACTORY Contact Alice Albertazzi (singer of the group Alix). A project aimed at creating a musical repertoire through individual and group lessons. The arrangement of the songs for several voices allows a detailed study of harmonic / melodic which, combined with interpretation gradually accompanies students to the awareness of their own vocal expressiveness. Live experience: They put into practice the knowledge gained by getting on a stage, ideally placed to develop creative potential, body language, group dynamics, self-control, discipline, ability to observe and listen to others.
  • Fair-trade Market: Contact Isabella Signori: typical and organic products directly from producers to consumers (to be confirmed the support of Last Minute Market, spin-off company of the University of Bologna)
  • School of street arts in collaboration with Urana Marchesini, international artist of circus arts and dance, a space for research, teaching and the preparation for street artists, usable from any dance group who need it.
  • Photography: Piccolo Formato, Association for Social Promotion, prepares a multipurpose space in which to produce workshops and laboratories in the area of visual survey, experimental laboratories – photographic exhibitions, seminars and book presentations, a studio and a darkroom.
    It is of considerable importance the development of means and self-built services, managed by the same future users.

EXPECTED RESULT: “Cultural Decontamination in progress”
Create a cultural participation in the San Donato district.
Get spaces in disused areas of creative production, accessible to all.
Actively respond to the constant demand for space communication, where exchanging ideas and projects.
Be a meeting point for the youth of the district through services and daytime activities.
Add a new experience to our path of “cultural reclamation”.
Create e working in the various sectors that run to the edges of culture. From lighting technician to responsible for the web, from the carpenter to production designer, etc, etc..
Revive the culture of Bologna in Europe with cutting edge design.